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Welcome to the FindlayHancock County Alliance and the Northwest Ohio region! The FindlayHancock County Alliance  is a unique combination of the best practices and focused efforts of some of our community’s greatest resources including the the FindlayHancock County Chamber of Commerce, FindlayHancock County Economic Development and the Findlay•Hancock County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

GFI Building.jpgIn fact, the Alliance is the centerpiece for private-public cooperation, a value that sets our community apart from all others. Bound by that cooperative spirit, the Findlay/Hancock County region enjoys a tremendous quality of life, abundant job opportunities, unparalleled educational resources and a commitment to high-quality, low cost health care for our citizens.

Whether you’re here for a visit or for a lifetime, do take the time to see why the Findlay/Hancock County area is the star of Northwest Ohio. To find out more about our community, contact the FindlayHancock County Alliance at 419-422-3313, or e-mail us at

It’s great having you here!


Helping the FindlayHancock County region to grow and prosper


– Financial resources to achieve goals, diverse revenue sources
Have – Job Ready Sites in Findlay/Hancock County region
Have – Member retention rate in the top 10% of the nation
Have – Talented and dedicated Team Members
Have – The best private/public partnership in Ohio

Do – Create a small business development center – Center for Entrepreneurship
Do – Aggressively market the community
Do – Create a center of commerce and tourism
Be – Recognized as the best growth micropolitan community in the US
Be – Regional center for technology incubation in the state
Be – Respected and valued as a business advocate and partner
Be – The undisputed economic development leader in the region
Be – A regional destination for niche travel



Integrity – The character to be trustworthy and honest and the competence to deliver on your commitments
Exceed Expectations – Exceed stakeholders (clients, members, team members, Board members) expectations in everything we do today and in the future.
Focused – Stay on task and achieve the goals we set. The courage to say “No”, when appropriate.
Innovation & Creativity – Being creative and inventive to solve problems and develop solutions to meet the needs of our stakeholders – Think outside the box with a global perspective, buck conventional wisdom.
Positive and Fun – An environment that is fun and where the team members exhibit enthusiasm and motivation for their career
Forward Looking – Identify what we need to do today to preserve our community’s wealth and quality of life over the next 10-20 years