About Tall Timbers

As an important part of our community, The Tall Timbers Industrial Park is a leader in the community's economic and social partnerships. The Tall Timbers Industrial Park is comprised of strong and growing companies that have evolved as a direct result of being located in Findlay•Hancock County. We attribute our growth to our customers, employees, vendors, and the community at large. We are involved and supportive of Findlay•Hancock County through business, employment, and charitable activities. The Tall Timbers Industrial Park is evidence of the power of companies and the community working together.

The Companies of Tall Timbers

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For more specific park information contact The Findlay•Hancock County Chamber of Commerce at info@FindlayHancockAlliance.com

The History of Tall Timbers

Tall Timbers International Business Community started out as a soybean field. Although physical changes began in 1985, the history of Tall Timbers Center is an interesting one that began in 1973.

On March 26, 1973, the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) of Findlay•Hancock County, reached an agreement to purchase approximately 375 acres of real estate and to develop an industrial park. The financing of this purchase was through a loan package which involved Tri-County Bank (now Key Bank); First National Bank (now Fifth-Third Bank of Northwest Ohio); and the Ohio Bank and Savings of Findlay (now Huntington Bank).
The original 375 acres purchased are now located within the Findlay corporation city limits just off of Bright Road.  The property was platted as the Findlay Industrial Center (FIC).

Original interest in the Findlay Industrial Center was in property which fronts State Route 12, a total of 88 acres. This property sold quickly because of access to State Route 12 and the availability of utilities.

In June of 1980, because of a slow-down in the economy, 128 acres were sold off as farm land.

On January 23, 1985, the Community Development Foundation (CDF) began to develop and market the remaining 154 acres owned by the FIC.  Through coordinated economic development efforts and total community commitment the Tall Timbers Industrial Park is now one of the finest industrial parks in Ohio.

Once the physical development of Tall Timbers was well underway in the middle of 1986, the CDF began to market the property. Initial interest came from two Northwest Ohio construction companies, Mosser Construction of Fremont, and Rudolph/Libbe of Toledo. A local businessman, Joseph Kirk, purchased property at Tall Timbers where he located and expanded the operation of Findlay Machine and Tool.

In the spring of 1987 with the support of local businessmen Phil Gardner and James Koehler, Hisan, Inc. (now Sanoh) committed to build a plant at Tall Timbers. In August 1987, Createc Corporation of Indianapolis announced it had agreed to purchase the Mosser spec building. In December 1987, G.S.W. Manufacturing, a wire harness manufacturer announced they would be locating in Tall Timbers. That same year, Tall Timber Distribution also elected to build a public warehouse in the industrial park. This warehouse has since been designated the public warehouse for Foreign Trade Zone #151.

1988 welcomed Dyson Material, Coca Cola and Nissan Brake Ohio (formerly Findlex Corporation) into Tall Timbers.

Filtech Corporation, a maker of automotive filters, and Pruitt Moving and Storage (now Ohio Logistics) both located in Tall Timbers in 1989.

In 1990 Molten Corporation announced they would begin building a facility and Bridgestone APM moved into their building. In 1991, Fostoria Industries and Form Forge moved into their facilities. 1994 brought a new facility for Createc to house its poly pro operation as well as a Kohl's distribution center. In 1995 Cooper Tire and Rubber Company built a tire mold facility and Best Buy built a distribution center.

Today, there are 13 manufacturing plants and 4 distribution centers operating in and around Tall Timbers, employing over 2,000 people.